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1" Circle (LW3302)

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  • Dimensions
  • Templates
  • Printing Instructions
  • Create your own printed labels with our premium quality Laser & Inkjet Label Sheets.
  • Available in hundreds of sizes, materials and colours.
  • Compatible with Laser and Inkjet Printers
  • High Quality Heat Resistant material to ensure jam-free printing
  • Compatible with most label softwares
  • Easy to use Word Templates - Free Download
  • Sheet Size: 8.5" X 11"
  • Labels Per Sheet: 63
  • Sheet Layout: 7 AC - 9 D
  • Shape: Circle
  • Width: 1.00
  • Height: 1.00
  • Top Margin: 0.5"
  • Bottom Margin: 0.5"
  • Left Margin: 0.375"
  • Right Margin: 0.375"
  • Horizontal Spacing: 0.125"
  • Vertical Spacing: 0.125"
  • Horizontal Pitch: 1.125"
  • Vertical Pitch: 1.125"
  • Label Size: 1" Circle

Tip for Design : When inputting data in the Microsoft Word templates for circles/ovals, please note that the shape’s outline may not appear. However, if you click in the middle of the square boxes, you can begin typing and the words will fall within the shape.
Note: The square boxes are part of Microsoft Word’s default setting. They will not print.

Tip for Handling Label Sheet : Certain materials are delicate. It is important to handle label sheets by the paper edge. This will keep oil or other residue on your fingers away from the print area.

Tip Prior to Printing : Prior to printing your job on the label sheet, print a copy onto a blank paper. Hold the printed page against the label sheet to check for correct positioning.

Tip After Printing : Ink takes time to absorb completely. Please wait until the entire sheet is dry before stacking or peeling.

Materials & Price Per Sheet
Standard White Matte Laser / Inkjet
$0.24$0.19$0.18$0.13$0.12$0.12$0.11$0.09 Learn More
Removable White Matte Laser / Inkjet
$0.39$0.35$0.29$0.19$0.17$0.16$0.15$0.13 Learn More
Extra Permanent White Matte Laser / Inkjet
Learn More
Uncoated White Freezer Laser / Inkjet
$0.29$0.25$0.22$0.19$0.19$0.18$0.17$0.16 Learn More
Gloss White Laser
Learn More
Semi-Gloss White Laser
Learn More
Latex White Laser
Learn More
Weatherproof Vinyl Laser
Learn More
White Satin Permanent Inkjet
$0.69$0.63$0.58$0.54$0.50$0.47$0.46$0.45 Learn More
Gloss Photo Inkjet
Learn More
Blockout for Laser
Learn More
Frosted Clear Polyester Laser
Learn More
Weatherproof Polyester Laser
Learn More
Clear Gloss Laser
Learn More
Silver Foil
Learn More
Gold Foil
Learn More
Fluorescent Red
Learn More
Fluorescent Yellow
Learn More
Fluorescent Green
Learn More
Fluorescent Pink
Learn More
Fluorescent Orange
Learn More
Pastel Pink
Learn More
Pastel Yellow
Learn More
Pastel Blue
Learn More
Pastel Green
Learn More
True Gray
Learn More
True Yellow
Learn More
True Green
Learn More
True Red
Learn More
True Blue
Learn More
True Purple
Learn More
Brown Kraft
Learn More
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